The Interfilm brand leads photography and digital services in Spain

The current panorama in Spain in the field of photography and digital services is led by the Interfilm brand that continues to advance alone and implementing franchises and businesses, creating work and wealth for 30 years that in 2017 marks its anniversary.

Interfilm leads photography and digital services

The concept of franchise business that Interfilm has in Spain makes it a prestigious brand for the digital photography sector and more and more entrepreneurs are asking for information about the brand discovering a wide range of professional possibilities in which to lead a digital photography business is no longer essential to be a professional photographer but it does provide a professional plus.

An Interfilm digital photography franchise is a double offer to users through the sale of retail and the sale of professional photography with their studies installed in most Interfilm franchises.

Contrary to a professional photography studio that suffer the fluctuations of the calendar with weddings and communions, Interfilm photographers have a much more stabilized economic stability thanks to the variety of products and the own manufacture of many of them. that greatly increases the profitability of their franchises, their businesses, their photography studios.

3.25/5 – 7