Profitable business of franchise photography

franquicias y negocios de fotografia

Digital centers continue to take over from photography stores in all cities in Spain where outdated stores have given way to modern digital imaging centers and profitable franchising photography businesses.

Profitable business of photography in franchise

The photography market in Spain continues to be sanitized and stabilized with the creation of a digital services center for every 3 neighborhood stores that close, stores that have not adapted to the new digital age and their offer and technique have remained so outdated that have led to the final closure.

Digital photography has great business potential, which makes it a very interesting professional alternative based on its range of services ranging from digital development to digital printing through advertising design which produces new expectations for professions that needed a revulsive

Unlike a photography shop based on the sale of cameras and similar products to large stores, a digital center offers and offers everything that digital photography allows to do in services such as retouching or layout as well as wide offer of more than 500 products or personalized gifts with photography, high demand products.

For 30 years, Interfilm has been a leader in Spain in digital photography services with a network of centers and photo franchises that offers various business models to entrepreneurs.

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