The origin of the franchise in Spain


In Spain there are around 1100 stores that operate under the franchise system, of which almost 83% are of national origin. This shows a great presence of entrepreneurs and empowerment of creative ideas in the business development of our country. But, if we set our interest on the remaining 17%, it is interesting to know where those franchises of foreign origin come from and which sectors are the most attractive and well received in Spain.

According to the study "the franchise in figures 2017", about 3/4 of the foreign brands have their origin in European countries, while 21% are of North American origin. It should be noted at this point, that 75.52% of the 143 foreign schools that operate in Spain have their origin in 5 countries: the United States, Germany, France, Italy and Portugal.

At this point, it should be mentioned that, despite the increase of foreign brands in recent years, this number has increased slightly this year, going from 142 to 143. The largest increase has come from the franchises of US origin and Canadian (2%), as well as those from the Asian continent (half a point), while the number of European brands has been reduced.

Half of the franchise businesses in Spain are divided into the sectors: Travel, photography, food, dietetics and parapharmacy and vending the largest average size per chain.

By number of chains, the sectors of Restoration, Fashion and Specialized Services stand out year after year. These three sectors encompass 35% of franchise brands. Seeing each sector separately, the restoration sector is the one with the highest number of brands, with 137 (14% of the total). On the other hand, the Apparel-Fashion sector groups 96 companies (almost 10%) and that of Specialized Services adds 11% with 114 chains. Aesthetic-Personal Care and Home-Decoration-Furniture are the sectors that follow them with 70 (7%) and 54 (5.4%) brands respectively.

Regarding the number of establishments, the most important sector is the food sector with a total of 12,038 points of sale, which represent 16.8% of the total, remaining stable with respect to 2015. With less than half of establishments that the Food sector, followed by Hospitality-Restoration (6.215), Travel Agencies (5.587), Clothing-Fashion (5.323), Hairdressing-Beauty-Cosmetics (4.434) and Specialized Services (4.293). These six sectors encompass a total of 37,890 establishments, which represents 52.8% of the business of the franchise in Spain.