Franchise businesses have left the crisis behind

The franchisors in almost all sectors have left the crisis behind with a promising year-end 2017 and a very eloquent forecast for 2018.

The security that a franchisor transmits with more than twenty or thirty years in its sector and with a chain of stores of between 50 and 100 franchises can not but inspire confidence and guarantees of success.

Unless we are willing to bet on a solo business in which during the first five years in which everything will be improvisations, investments and consolidation of the business on condition of not entering the group of the failures of the first two years and that round 60%.

Entrepreneurship in franchising continues to lead the success field with only 30% of withdrawals or failures by franchisors with less than five years in the market and a franchise network of less than 30, which presupposes lack of experience and little consolidation.