How to start a business, how to be an entrepreneur, how to succeed with a franchise, etc.

negocios en franquicia

All this we can see and read on thousands of websites, whether they are portals of this or that, newspapers, magazines, etc. but all online and is that to have income need to publish content, publish content is to have "visits" (which is not always the same as readers) because the income on the Internet is based first on visits and visits are related to the position and position is related to the amount of content and here is "the question" THE CONTENT.

A professional in the kitchen, fashion, finance, franchising or any specialized subject, on more than one occasion he will have blushed reading a few lines on a subject that is his specialty, his profession, to see how lightness such or such things are affirmed and advice and advice given.

How could they be called, writers? Because they keep writing and charging for articles of so many lines, of so many words, being able to earn much more simply by putting their advice into practice, setting up their company, buying their success franchise, applying the "How to set up a business and be successful".

It is possible, although it is only an opinion, that so much advice for the only thing that serves is to saturate and hinder the research work that must be done by future entrepreneurs who in any case should not follow the guidelines read in an article of "stuffing".

Undertake yes, inquire if, but the information must precede a source "solvent in the matter" to be able to contrast it with similar ones.

The height of the nonsense is the general confusion where it is the same for the entrepreneur to do it on his own and want to start his own company that does it in the hands of a franchisor investing in a franchise, the advice is the same and all equally when in fact nothing has to do, but absolutely nothing to undertake alone or undertake in franchising but as you have to "deliver text" you have to "deliver news" you have to publish CONTENTS