The franchise continues being the formula with more guarantees of success

From the moment the word "start" or "start a business" or "work for me" or "be my own boss" is first mentioned, a stage begins that will serve as the foundation of your future business, your future company.

This phase is one of the most complex moments in the new stage of entrepreneurship that has already begun with the flow of ideas in all directions and this is one of the first problems that we find ourselves without realizing, the dispersion of ideas.

After the first moments of what we think we have already made the decision to undertake, we should move to the fulfillment of some duties in chronological order and mandatory, specify the idea we have to undertake and reach a conclusion that responds to two questions:

What do I want to do?

Who do I want to start?

These two questions are so complete that the quicker you answer, the quicker you may be wrong because it is not easy to do the studies and gather the information that will lead us to answer the two initial questions properly and that will be the basis to start your business and take to your company to success or failure.

By way of example as one of the parameters to be defined, if you want to undertake alone or in franchise, in the first 3 years close 60% of independent businesses against 40% of franchise business.