Máster Interfilm para su país

After 30 years of activity in the digital services sector, Interfilm Franquicias is already preparing the internationalization of the company through a Master Franchise for its country.

At present, the Interfilm Group is in the phase of previous conversations with interlocutors in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Portugal and France.

The Master Franchise will have its own central office equipped and formed by the Interfilm Spain for a posteriori franchise Interfilm in its country under its supervision and with the backing of Interfilm Spain.

The business model, like in Spain where Interfilm is a leader in the sector with more than 60 franchises in operation, will have all the product lines with their own brands for photography, stationery, ink and toner cartridges, custom frames, personalized gifts, etc. etc.

The profitability of the business is widely supported by the trajectory of the company in Spain and from here we invite you to discover.

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Master Interfilm