News · 19. febrero 2018
To promote the approach to the candidates who request information about the photography franchise, Interfilm will be present in the Salon of the franchise that celebrates its eighteenth edition on February 23 at the Exhibition Center of the Vigo Cruise Terminal.

News · 25. enero 2018
Throughout the year 2017, Interfilm has been holding conversations with different actors in several Latin and European countries for the expansion of the brand and with a very advanced project in Romania and with very interesting conversations in Portugal. In the national planning, with a total presence in the main cities of Spain within 3 years, joins the objective of an annual Master which will consolidate the Interfilm franchise internationally

News · 02. enero 2018
Just started this new year 2018, a second franchise will open its doors on Calle Almirante Apodaca 1 at the end of January to respond to a growing demand for digital services and everything related to photography. The Interfilm photography franchise involves the commercialization of LogiMark, LogiRegal, LogiTinta, LogiPhoto, LogiDigital, all brands and products with the necessary guarantees to ensure the success of the franchises.

News · 29. diciembre 2017
From the moment the word "start" or "start a business" or "work for me" or "be my own boss" is first mentioned, a stage begins that will serve as the foundation of your future business, your future company. By way of example as one of the parameters to be defined, if you want to start alone or in franchise, in the first 3 years close 60% of independent businesses against 40% of franchise business.

News · 18. diciembre 2017
The height of the nonsense is the general confusion where it is the same for the entrepreneur to do it on his own and want to start his own company that does it in the hands of a franchisor investing in a franchise, the advice is the same and all equally when in fact nothing has to do, but absolutely nothing to undertake alone or undertake in franchising but as you have to "deliver text" you have to "deliver news" you have to publish CONTENTS

News · 14. diciembre 2017
The Interfilm brand is synonymous with photography in Spain, is synonymous with photography stores in almost all Spanish cities and is synonymous with profitable photography business with its franchise chain. But not only the brand Interfilm is synonymous with photography business but after 30 years of activity is the only brand that can afford to guarantee success to entrepreneurs with its buyback clause based on a well-established track record

News · 30. noviembre 2017
One more year and given the good business expectations of the chain of photography stores, BBVA has renewed its line of financing specialized in franchises with optimal conditions for entrepreneurs.

News · 14. noviembre 2017
The franchisors in almost all sectors have left the crisis behind with a promising year-end 2017 and a very eloquent forecast for 2018. The security that a franchisor transmits with more than twenty or thirty years in its sector and with a chain of stores of between 50 and 100 franchises can not but inspire confidence and guarantees of success. Unless we are willing to bet on a solo business in the group of the failures of the first two years

News · 23. octubre 2017
In Spain there are around 1100 stores that operate under the franchise system, of which almost 83% are of national origin. This shows a great presence of entrepreneurs and empowerment of creative ideas in the business development of our country. But, if we set our interest on the remaining 17%, it is interesting to know where those franchises of foreign origin come from and which sectors are the most attractive and well received in Spain.

News · 10. agosto 2017
Interfilm is the brand of photography that continues to move to bring all digital services to consumers by creating digital centers and photography franchises in all locations with more than 5,000 inhabitants. Custom-made framing, compatible ink cartridges, stationery and personalized gifts along with the development of photos and passport photos are the lines of products available in the Interfilm franchises for entrepreneurs

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