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News · 18. diciembre 2017
The height of the nonsense is the general confusion where it is the same for the entrepreneur to do it on his own and want to start his own company that does it in the hands of a franchisor investing in a franchise, the advice is the same and all equally when in fact nothing has to do, but absolutely nothing to undertake alone or undertake in franchising but as you have to "deliver text" you have to "deliver news" you have to publish CONTENTS

News · 10. julio 2017
Digital centers continue to take over from photography stores in all cities in Spain where outdated stores have given way to modern digital imaging centers and profitable franchising photography businesses. For 30 years, Interfilm has been a leader in Spain in digital photography services with a network of centers and photography franchises that offers various business models to entrepreneurs.

News · 26. junio 2017
Every day there are thousands of people who through the famous search engine "Google" put to find "business ideas" looking for inspiration or the business idea that will change their professional direction or their current situation. The digital has brought to the market many more products and services that use photography which increases the profitability of the photography stores of which Interfilm is the leader in Spain with its network of franchised stores for 30 years

News · 14. junio 2017
Photography and digital services in Spain are led by the Interfilm brand, which continues to create businesses and franchises in most of the towns in Spain, generating employment and wealth. Interfilm is today the most important franchise network that provides services to thousands of users in the photography, framing, digital printing and several other sectors, ensuring profitable businesses with guarantees of success in which its franchisees, some with more than 20 years